Riding the Cape Argus Cycle Tour

Spandex! Woo!

Spandex! Woo!

The nerves are starting to kick in. I just finished laying out all my gear for tomorrow’s Cape Argus Cycle tour and all that’s left to do is ride.

The Argus has been the talk of town all week not just because it’s a huge annual event, but also because the wind forecast looks particularly terrifying. The last few days have been absolutely perfect cycling weather (no wind and cool), but overnight the winds are forecast to really kick up.

Some forecasts had predicted gale-force winds by the end of the race, although it now looks like things won’t be quite that bad.

Sunday’s winds will be the famed Cape southeaster, meaning it will blow into our faces or slightly across us for the first half of the ride (which is normally considered the easier half).

It hopefully won’t be as bad as 2009, which organizers called the worst weather in the history of the race. I met a cyclist the other day who told me that as many as 10,000 of the 35,000 racers made it to the 40 kilometer mark and decided to just hop on trains and head back to town instead of continuing on.

Making sure all my gear is ready. (Yes, there are butterflies on my sheets. What of it?)

Making sure all my gear is ready. (Yes, there are butterflies on my sheets. What of it?)

Wind or not, I’m beyond excited for the race. It is the largest timed cycle race in the world and covers some of the most beautiful roads around Cape Town.

I’m starting the race at 8:09 a.m., which is a pretty good start time for the 109 km (68 mile) race. Normally faster riders get the prime start times, but us international entrants get a few of the choice spots.

Without the wind I had a goal of finishing under four-and-a-half hours. With the wind I’ll just be happy to cross the finish line.

I’ll post an update tomorrow with my time. Wish me luck!

I opted out of getting my legs waxed. I'm not that hardcore.

I opted out of getting my legs waxed. I’m not that hardcore.


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