The fishing industry in Kalk Bay


A fishmonger sells mackerel in Kalk Bay harbor.

Some of my favorite places to visit in Cape Town are the small beach towns and neighborhoods that line the coast of the Cape Peninsula around False Bay. The towns are all technically in the city of Cape Town, but are pretty far removed culturally and geographically from the urban parts of town.

Many of the beaches are renowned for their surfing, swimming and diving. The water on False Bay (here’s a map so you know what I’m talking about) is warmer than the Atlantic side of the Cape so there is also much more aquatic life in the bay. Those fish mean there is a vibrant fishing industry in the area.

Kalk Bay, one of the towns along False Bay, has a busy harbor that is open to the public. Anyone can wander the docks or stop at one of the stalls set up harborside and buy fresh fish. Today the fishmongers were selling yellowtail, bream, shark, mackerel, snoek and other fish.

Here are some of my photos from today, plus you can see my full photo set on Flickr.






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